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“The current ticketing marketplace is completely unfair and everyone involved deserves better.”

We have revolutionized the ticketing industry by allowing complete control over secondary market ticket sales.

As music and sports fans ourselves, the current system is broken. Organizations and artists will now have complete control over how their tickets are bought and sold. A world with a system that fans can trust.

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Enforces your ticket's regulations.


Collects additional data for increased sales.


Creates events effortlessly.


Our Product.

For Organizations.


Take control of your ticket sales with our powerful software. Our regulated marketplace allows organizers to create and enforce any ticketing regulations, including setting price limits, controlling secondary sales, and limiting resale markups. Streamline your ticketing process and ensure fairness for all with our customizable platform.


Maximize your sales with our data-driven platform. Our advanced analytics provide valuable insights on demographics, purchase price and time, and more, helping you to plan and market your events for success. Plus, our platform allows you to track tickets beyond the primary market, giving you even more data to work with.


Our Vision.


Effortlessly plan and manage your events with our user-friendly platform. Our customizable event pages allow you to showcase your unique vision, while our platform guides you through the process with ease. Make event planning a breeze with our powerful and customizable software. Bring your events to life with our platform.

For Fans.


As a fan, finding tickets for your favorite artist can be tough. That's why we make it easy for you to find tickets for both the primary and secondary market.


As a verified fan club member, you'll get first access to tickets for your favorite artist. This ensures that you won't have to pay more than face value to see your favorite artist live.

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Our Team.

David Banda Headshot.png
David Banda
David is always open to trying new things! He enjoys the outdoors and maintains a strong dedication to weight lifting. He also has quite a soft spot for philosophy and psychology!
Jack Hau Headshot.png
Jack Hau
Jack thrives when he constantly learns new things, and has the drive to accomplish anything. He enjoys working out at the gym, and on the weekends you can see him shredding the slopes on his skis.

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